Challenge #03544-I255: The Paranormal Phenomenon Investigation Agency

You work for a secret agency that deals with the supernatural and you just shared a dumb idea with your boss, as a joke: "Instead of keeping everything under wraps, why don't we just release all info to the public, but pretend it's a work of fiction?" You got promoted on the spot. -- AmberFox

They called it Walking the Faerie Trail and more or less followed real agents around with cameras and then added some truly abominable special effects to make it all look like it was thrown together by a found family of maniacs in Nowhere, Utah.

Most cases of the strange, the unusual, and the unexpected happened in such exotic and faraway locations as: a busted-up and abandoned factory, an empty shopping mall in the middle of the night, an old military base gone to seed, some backwoods, someone's basement, and someone's attic. Interestingly, it was the in-camera glitches that got most of the fandom excited.

It's really easy to see a free-floating vapour when it's freezing cold and the camera operator needs to breathe. It's tremendously easy to spot "orbs" when the place is full of bugs.

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