Challenge #02162-E333: To Seek Out New Life

The 'Enterprise' crew discover P'ting -- Anon Guest

Captain's Log: Stardate... unknown. We have been flung by an unknown force into a nebula that could be tremendously far from home or... could be in another dimension. Commander Spock has been working on determining the exact destination in which we find ourselves. In the meantime... we pursue our primary mission to seek out and explore... anything... that is new.

The bridge of the Enterprise was quiet, but it was the kind of quiet made by people being very busy at their jobs. There was the quiet snap and click as people pressed buttons or toggled switches, the gentle creak of the best minds Starfleet had to offer being pressed to their utmost as they attempted to match the data they were getting against the knowledge they already had.

The Enterprise scanners registered an incoming object, but it was so small that the hull should just ignore it. It was a statistical blip in the middle of all the nothing that was happening. When the deaths started happening, on the other hand, that was when the train of regret lead to a small mass that had actively steered towards the ship.

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