Challenge #00857-B126: Wake up and Smell the Progress

‘We had a perfectly good slow rolling apocalypse going on before you decided to get involved, you know.’ they said, after a long pause.

‘Now you have a fast apocalypse. Rejoice; progress has come to you.’

She didn’t struggle very hard when they dragged her down into the
catacombs. And she really shouldn’t have been surprised that all the
members of the Secret Cabal were all chairmembers of various Big
Corporate Entities.

“Lord Monsando. Does this belong to you?”

“Whatever are you Insinuating, Lord Dau? That’s not one of mine.”

All eyes turned towards Bee Pi. Who said, “Who? Me?”

“Explain yourself,” menaced Lord Disley.

knew I wouldn’t get your attention by trying to stop you,” said Agness. She let the cold fires of fury keep her calm. She was exactly where she wanted to be. “Everyone’s already doing that. So I decided to help.”

“Your ‘help’ was unnecessary,” iced Lord Eckson. “We had a lovely Frog Soup Apocalypse going on. Very profitable.”

“And now it’s headed away in the handbasket so much faster,” Agness grinned, and activated the little device on her belt. On its own, it wouldn’t attract the notice of any of the goons who checked her for weapons. But
now that it was active? It turned her entire, significant body mass into
a fission bomb. “And now the entire world will be able to stop it because they will notice.”

They stared at her as the machine warmed up. “How are you going to make money off of that?”

said I wanted to make money?” said Agness. She had just enough time to savour the looks on their piggy faces before the entire Cabal died in
white fire.

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