Challenge #00838-B107: Pret a Porter

Creating accommodating clothing and furnishing and such for the possibility that the wearer/user is taller or shorter or fatter or thinner than the average human being seems difficult enough for most modern manufacturers…

…what if they suddenly had to accommodate customers possessing other outside-the-average features… like additional pairs of arms, a snake’s tail instead of legs, an extra head or two, wings of various types, centauric forms, or other formerly-just-mythic anatomy?

The familiar complaint, “Oh, they never have anything in my size,” drifted through the cloth-lined labyrinth.

Tracy headed towards the potential commission only to find a horse. Well. Eighty percent of a horse. The head of the horse had somehow been replaced by the torso of a human.

She was huge.

Not fat. Hardly fat at all. But she was gargantuan.

“Can I help you?” Tracy risked. Am I still sane?

“These maxi dresses are the right length, but none of them are the right width. Do you have anything like this in a triple-X L? Or larger?”

“Sorry,” said Tracy. Possibly on automatic. “We only stock the smaller sizes. There’s one specialty store closer to the food court… you could try there.”

“Thanks anyway.“ The centaur, and delicately picked her way out of the shop.

Tracy had no time to think, That was weird… because her next customer had batlike wings sprouting from her back.

“Hi, excuse me. Where are the hip-huggers and halter tops?”

“Those are out of season,” apologised Tracy, trying not to stare. “They’re for summer only.”

The bat-winged woman sighed and sashayed out of there. She had a spaded tail and hooves.

“excuse me,” said a tiny voice by her ankle. “do you anything in a super-petite?”

That was a Gnome. And she was staring. “…try Toys R Us,” she managed.

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