Challenge #00592 - A227: Bad Advice

When an evil god laughs. run.

When a good god laughs run quickly.

Once again, Shayde had stopped at a registered Graffito Intersection to read the collected wit and wisdom from the kinds of people who wrote on walls.

“Na that’s just bad advice.”

Rael sighed and played straight man. “What would that be?”

“When an evil god laughs, run. When a good god laughs, run quickly.”

“Oh… kay…?”

“Aye, it doesnae do any good. Running from an evil god just pisses ‘em off. Runnin’ from a good god’s even worse.”

Rael didn’t know which bothered him more. The fact that she had personal experience or that she was divulging this information to a sworn atheist. “How in the name of the Powers could a good god be worse?”

“They condescend at ye… Like, 'aw that’s cute of ya’ or 'puir wee thing’ an’ the worst of the worst is 'be not afraid’. As if ye didnae just have a good reason. Na. Best thing tae do against gods is nod, smile, and bugger off as quick as ye can get awa’ wi’ it later.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he allowed. “In the meantime, you have to keep a schedule.”

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