Challenge #00484 - A109: Someone Said it

Light Year.
The distance.
That light.
In a year. – RecklessPrudence

[AN: Huzzah! I’m not the only person annoyed by this]

“So we travelled six thousand light years in less than an hour?” asked the tourist.

“Technically,” allowed the Hitchhiker. “Wormholes are more of a shortc–”

“We’ve been taking light years in minutes! Why aren’t I any younger?” the tourist guffawed at his own joke.

Rael could actually hear Shayde snap. He was frankly shocked that the rest of this port-side Unsuitable Food Bar didn’t hear it as well. As it was, he was far too slow to stop her from physically picking the man up by his hawaiian print shirt collar.

“A. Light Year. Is. The distance. That light. Travels. In a year!” She punctuated her statement with agitated shakes of the tourist. “It’s no’ diet time!”

“…ifIgiveyouaMinutewillyouputmedown?” he squeaked. Barely audible above the applause from everyone else within earshot. Including the Hitchhiker.

“Never. Make. That joke. Again. Ye ken?”


Shayde put him down with a snarl. “Guid. Hope ye learned sommat today.” It was evidently an effort to back off.

And it was also a very good thing that Ambassadors had a certain amount of leniency vis-a-vis physical assault. Rael did what he could to calm her down and covertly updated the stations’ Tetchy Ambassador Warning System.

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