Challenge #00377 - A012: Fandom Follies

You mentioned once in a fic that Kurt was a B5 fan.  Mind ficcing more about that?  (I’ve been bingeing on B5 lately).  Bonus if Sara is involved.  ^_^

“And then Marcus pops up out of nowhere an–”

“Wait. This is a fanfic, ja?”

“Ye-es. What part of AU did you fail to understand?”

“The AU part. I was hoping further conversation would help me decode you.”

“Just put your hand up when I talk sideways,” protested Sara.

“Fraulein, I would have my hand in the air all the time.”

“Okay. From the top. AU - Alternate Universe. The author didn’t like the cannon and decided to make their own. Crackfic - fic from a wild idea that is in no way expected to be taken seriously. Smut–”

“I know what smut is, danke.”

“Naughty elf… So I don’t need to explain the citrus family?”


Jean poked her head in to find Kurt and Sara cooking massive volumes of Swedish Meatballs. “What in the name of sanity are you two doing?”

“This isn’t sanity, it’s science fiction,” sniffed Kurt.

“Yes,” said Sara. “Try to keep up.”

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