Challenge #00251: Terror Watch

Agent Pertwee and his take on watching the terror with the textiles.

[AN: Agent Pertwee is a girl :P]

Agent Jane Pertwee sighed. She’d signed up for Terror Watch because it was the fast-track past the glass ceiling and on to better things. She should have known that the dicks upstairs would have picked the one least likely to do anything worthy of garnering promotion by stopping it in its tracks.

Right now, she was holding up a wall watching a man with bazooka eyeballs practice needle-felting cute, fluffy miniature kittens.

Her niece would be ecstatic about cute, fluffy miniature kittens. So would her sister-in-law.

Not Jane.

Jane wanted some desperate terrorist undertaking. Some derring-do.

ANYTHING but needle-felting fluffy animals.

“I sell these on Etsy,” said the mutant terrorist. “Helps fund the other stuff.”

And since the current ‘other stuff’ featured part of a dead whale… she could see why he needed funding.

“Why be an artist?” Jane demanded. “You’re packing a bazooka behind each eyeball. If I had power like that…”

“I only killed once,” said the mutant. “Court said it was self-defense. I wanted to be locked away forever.” The needles moved. “I was twelve.”

“I read your file,” Jane rolled her eyes. “If you’d just gone power-mad…”

“Agent Pertwee… I spent a majority of my life under an asshole with power. I never wanted to be like him.”

“I’m still spending my life under assholes with power.”

“Why do you even want that kind of authority?”

“So I can get ahead. Duh.”

“And then what?”

Jane stared at him. “Huh?”

“What would you do with unlimited power? Would you make the people who hurt you feel your pain? Would you stop there? Or go out and hurt everyone who became an asshole? When would you stop and notice what you’d become?”

It was sobering to hear that coming out of someone on the Terror Watch list. It was more sobering to think that he’d already thought of all this. “With great power comes great responsibility, huh?”

“Something like that,” Scott smirked. “Pity those in power never think that way.”

Yeah. It was.

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