Challenge #00075: Lactose tolerance

Olive branch diplomacy between Scott and Todd while snacking on ice cream. Jamie makes an appearance.

Todd froze as he turned away from the ice cream van. Mister military was also there. Also getting a flake cone.

“Summers,” he managed warily.

“I… uh… heard you were -um- in a bad place.”


“I had a real bad foster parent right before I manifested. Damn rat bastard named Winters.”

“Mine was an uncle. Ev'ry time my olds got jail time, he’d… help himself.”

“Damn. I’m lucky Winters just beat the shit outta me.”

They both ate some ice-cream to fill the silence.

“Whad'ja do?” asked Todd. “To… make it go away?”

“Hoarded canned food.”

“I had art.”

Another contemplative mastication.

“You’re pretty good,” said Summers.


“So… Sara,” said Summers.


“Break her heart and I break your balls.”

Todd grinned. “Never planned on it, yo.”

Jamie landed on Scott’s arm. “PleaseIgottahaveanickel, tellmeyagotanickel!”

Todd fished one out. “There ya go, kid.”


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