Challenge #00066: Post meltdown

The conversation between Kelly and Duncan post meltdown due to Scott’s revenge.

“…fucking bitches…”

Kelly did some paperwork while he waited. This particular disturbance needed some analysis beyond, “This looks like Essel’s work.” No. Not Essel. Adrien, Sara Louise. She had things in her permanent record that escalated in complexity. This was the first time her MO had included co-conspiritors.

Co-conspirators Kelly noted, who had complained about Mr Matthews and had not had a follow-up to their complaints. In fact, their complaints were actively discouraged on the basis that Mr Matthews bought in more revenue.

Now that he was re-reading those complaints, he was starting to wonder if that revenue was worth it. The girls’ song, the meltdown, and tirade against ‘the bitches who deserved it’ were all out on YouTube. Quickly going viral.

He’d mercilessly left the parents’ phone calls to Lynnette the secretary, with a script about a full investigation underway. He had to get Duncan’s story from the man himself.

“….gunna kill the fucking bitches… gunna get that tranny whore…”

“That 'tranny whore’ has enough resources to sue this school, and your entire family, into oblivion,” Kelly informed calmly. “I would not repeat any such death threats in a public forum. And I am once again legally obligated to inform you that you are being recorded.”

“…shit… Um. I didn’t really mean it?”

“Nice try,” Kelly said, voice flat. “YouTube’s already repeating your threats in the auditorium on an infinite loop. After you’re done explaining yourself to me, the police are waiting for you to explain yourself to them.”

“Explain myself?” Mr Matthews screwed up his face. “What’s to explain? Those bitches and that goddamn trap fucking deserve it.”

“I’m sure the female population of the school would tell me you deserved it,” said Kelly.

“What? What did I do?”

“Fifteen counts of molestation, five counts of rape, two hundred separate complaints of verbal abuse… any of this ringing a bell?”

“Rape? I never raped anybody.”

“So you always got enthusiastic consent?”


“It’s rape if she doesn’t say 'yes’. Remember that, Mr Matthews. Especially if you aspire to being a senator, one day. The last thing you need at any point in your career is anything resembling a sex scandal.” Kelly signed some more reports. “Similarly, ladies dress to suit themselves, not…” he checked a complaint, “for you to 'play grabsies’…”

“They wouldn’t be showin’ if they didn’t want it…”

“And on that note, calling the muslim women attending, 'frigid prudes’ for wearing their scarves is not appropriate, either.”

“They gotta show a little skin if they want a man, amIright?”

“You’re a long way from 'right’, Mr Matthews. You’re a racist, sexist, ableist, sizeist, ageist… idiot. And the only thing in your court is the fact that you won this school a few trophies.” Kelly glared at the boy for the first time since he surfaced from the shock. “That coin will not be worth much in the face of the rest of the evidence against you.”

“Huh? What evidence?”

“Almost every student attending this school has a case against you and your… cronies. I have vulture lawyers informing me of the class action suit. You are facing jail time. And so are your friends.”

“What? It builds character! Those little wussies need to toughen up!”

Kelly sighed. “You can’t be convinced. You are an abuser, Mr Matthews. Good luck explaining yourself to the police, because the entire school has been reporting to them all afternoon.” Kelly let them in. “Gentlemen. His parents are unavailable to supervise. I will be acting in loco parentis.” Then he faced Mr Matthews and said, “Do yourself a favour and shut up.”

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