Challenge #00042: Life's Great Mystery

Scott wins a bet with Logan and he divulges wisdom from the mount, including and especially how to get the better of Duncan with his mind and not his fists or powers, with Todd offering to help as an olive branch of peace.

“Told you I could do it.” Scott panted. “Pay up. Enlighten me.”

Logan made a lazy gesture indicating an otherwise neglected bench in Xavier’s extensive gardens. He was never much for talking, even when he was a teacher, the first time. He preferred getting kids to think for themselves. Fight for themselves. Stand up for themselves.

Harder than it looked, now Scott was trying it.

“You an’ Dunc.”


“What’s the exact problem with ‘im?”

“You mean other than that he has the morals of a dead whelk and twice as smelly? Or that he treats women like garbage and gets away with it? Or that he bullies everyone he sees as weaker than him and gets away with it because he’s a sports star and is raking in the dough for the school?”

“…and he’s dating Jean.”

“Jean chooses to stay with him. That’s her choice. I… shouldn’t let it bother me.”

“Right.” Logan nodded. “But it does. You think you know her better than anyone. Maybe that’s part of the problem. Maybe she just likes jerks.” A shrug. “But the way t’ deal with a jerk jock is t’ expose him.”

“What? Secret recordings and stuff?”

“No. Nuthin’ illegal. Tallwater’d probably help there if she heard ya. Don’t let 'er hear ya. Clear?”


“You an’ Dunc’ve been at each other f'r forever. Not just because of Jean. You’re equal opposites. Like ya said, he’s got the morals of a dead whelk. You fight with your muscles, you’re fighting him where he has the same strength. You can’t win.”


“You gotta fight him where he’s weak. Use yer smarts. Set him up for a big fall in front of everyone. Something where all his negative points get highlighted at once.”

“I might be smart, but I’m not that smart.”

Logan gave him a long look. “Think you have to win this all on your own? You’re a leader. Lead.”

Toad 'nonchalantly’ wandered closer. Always on his guard for an attack that didn’t happen. “Yo, I heard sumpin’s up against Dunc’.”

“You might have heard right…” Scott allowed. He was still unsure of the Brotherhood boy, but he remained civil under Sara’s influence.

“Mebbe I could… I'unno… help make sumpin’ happen to him?”

“Tallwater in on this?” asked Logan. 

“She promised she’d -uh- stick to th’ social engineerin’.”

She’d need to. Especially after that thing with the inflatable hippo.

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