Because science is amazing.

Someone’s comments on this article.

And God said “Let there be light.”

And Man said “Oh I’ve got to figure out how he does that.”

And verily, did Man pull photons out of the screaming abyss.

Seriously, that’s amazing. Any day now I expect someone to march out of CERN wearing their labcoat over a wizard’s robe and announce that it turns out magic is real. – RecklessPrudence


She dreamed about it, sometimes. Often while Hackmeyer was staring down her cleavage as he mis-explained something she had already stated.

First, she would toss and flip a pen. Then she would Lift it for increasing lengths of time. Until it was obviously disobeying the laws of gravity. Then she’d just hold it there while Hackmeyer stared.

Then she’d mutter an incantation and turn it into a dragonfly, fly it around his head a few times, and then back into a pen, catch it, and pretend unknowing innocence when he tried to prove it to anyone else.

That sort of thing, though, she would have to save up for after her first graduation. No sense driving an evil man crazy - or running the risk of becoming institutionalized herself - until after she got the degree that would have her moving up and out and far, far away from Hackmeyer and his filthy tricks.

It was her little secret. Her’s and her baby brother’s.

Magic was real. All it was doing was waiting for science to catch up.

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