That’s my weight, today[2nd Feb].

That’s my stumbling block.

Three times, I’ve got down to 91.9 only to yo-yo back up to the next kilo bracket. since I spend a week working off roughly a kilo, I watch those decimals like a hawk. Getting down into the next “kilo zone” is fast becoming an obsession.

Better make certain it’s not a dangerous one, then.

And in the Antiprogress side of things: My bone bruises, especially the one in my left heel, have decided to make walking hell. I limp everywhere at half or less of my normal speed.

Plus: I’m not wandering about and grabbing snacks.

Minus: I’m not exactly exercising, either.

Well, I don’t need to walk to exercise. I can still pedal. And I will.

As soon as I gather the courage to walk as far as the exercise bike.