So I just found out that Apple doesn’t like direct links to books sold through Smashwords. If I don’t fix it, they won’t stock my book.

I’ve already fixed it, by the way. And amended a typo that eluded me for like five edits.

I had to remove the links to the individual stories and add a link to my profile, which is apparently A-OK in Apple’s book. Not a big whoop, right?

Well, I uploaded my new version and discovered that I was at #677 in the fucking queue.

Which means that, until it’s converted, I can’t do jack shit about the tickets on my works… or my entry into the Aurealis awards [probably won’t win, but it’s worth a try] until the new version goes through.

Last time, it took AGES, subjective time.

Meanwhile, Hevun’s Rebel and Scavenger are tied for the number of downloaders at 376 each ^_^

So wait a day or two to get the fresh new version, folks. Or update and see if you can spot the difference :)

And tell your friends the book’s nominated for the Aurealis Awards. I can use all the help I can get.