theres a difference between harmless sad headcanons and having characters treat a trans character like dirt for no other reason then...

I’m not trying to shoehorn it in. Honest. I’m writing an isolated character who’s spent almost his entire life in an ivory tower and can’t comprehend the different.

I’m not trying to be harmful to others. I’m trying to show a learning process that I went through (with much less said aloud/publicly, I mind) with some extra touches of Victorian sensibilities. I’m trying to show that learning is not impossible.

Even for isolated tower-types.

I’m very sorry, but I’ve just deleted three days’ worth of writing for a happier rewrite and I’m trying to catch up on that before I make even more wonderful people unhappy with the story as it stands.

I firmly believe that redemption is possible. And now I pretty much have to prove that PDFQ.

And I have to hurry it up.