Hey, I found your fic because I adore Steam Powered Giraffe. However, seeing your excuses for the pain (that actually made me feel really...

I AM SORRY I OFFEND.  Honestly, very sorry.

I’m also trying to show what it’s like for transfolk to hear that shit from cispeople they love so that less cispeople do that. If that makes sense.

Peter does get a redemption (and I may just expand that further, IDK yet) and it’s not a complete redemption, because he’s still afraid of What Other People Will Think… which is an over-arching theme of the whole fic chain.

And it’s probably very shitty of me to hurt a trans-character in order to show cispeople exactly how shitty they can be to transfolk and why they should stop. Documenting the struggle is just as important to me as showing what good family *should* look like.

Which is why, immediately after documenting the sad-fannon-history-as-my-muse-decrees-it… I’ll be dedicating a significant amount of my time to a huge pile of WAFF in which Peter is a kind and understanding parent and the rest of the world are ignorant shitheads who may or may not let Rabbit be herself.

My muse and I get into a lot of fights about this. Obviously.

The presence of blue matter and green rock candy [as far as I understand the lore, I may have this wrong] that can power intelligent automatons doesn’t change the cruel facts of all the attitudes in 1897. Part of me kind of insisted on having accidentally-cruel things come out of Peter because he hadn’t learned better yet. Just like it’s insisting that he’s doing his utmost to fix things in the upcoming instalment.

That doesn’t make it better, now. That doesn’t make it hurt less, now. And I’m sorry as hell about that. And you’re probably tired of hearing “it gets better”… And I’m actually going to rewrite a painful portion of my next chapter because I don’t need another last-minute instalment of hurting Rabbit or anyone else.

I didn’t *need* to do that. I get it. The problem with me is that I had a bizarre compulsion to do it anyway. Because the world is a cruel place and sometimes the people we love hurt us without ever knowing that they were doing so.

I shall immediately reserve that sort of thing for my villains in future. Make certain that the vile are known as vile.

And hurry along with the redemption.

I hope I get it right.