I'M Not Laughing Any More

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Day 13 of mail-watching

No mail on weekends.

Today and tomorrow are just too depressing to think about. I have a 0% chance of getting Vice Quadrant on these days.

My Dark Side got out, this morning. Playing through scenarios on the premise of What If Someone Else Got It?

What if someone else got it and threw it in the rubbish?
What if someone else got it and decided to keep it?
What if someone else got it and erased the GD signatures because they thought they were ‘scribble’?
What if someone else got it and just fucking trashed it for laughs?

Frankly, I don’t know which is worse. At least the ‘keep it’ option means there’s one more SPG fan out there. It’s just… I want it too.


This is legit getting rougher for me as the days go by. As the spoilers increase. As the art begins to come out. And I have zero truck with it because my album still isn’t here.

At this rate, I’ll be able to download it from the Engineer-eteer site before I can hold it.