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One Old Fart's Opinion: Data transfers and why I hate them

So Macs have this “feature” that allows you to transfer everything out of your old mac and onto your new mac.


This is fine and dandy IF your old mac isn’t clinging vainly to life and might just die with each reboot. If that happens, you might as well shoot yourself and save your body from a whole bunch of stress related injury.

This morning [April 11th] I figured out that my old laptop counterintuitively lasts longer if I leave the AC off. My theory is some condensation is happening somewhere naughty and shorting out the whole box and dice.

Anyway, after I got my entire pix folder off the old machine and it was still alive past its usual twenty-minute window, I thought I’d try a full-body transfer.

Once again, I got about halfway and the old laptop died.

Thing about Mac transfers is: You have to have both machines active, on, and connected throughout the entire process. Otherwise you have to start all over again. Mac transfers do not keep track of where they’re up to.

Mac transfers make you start all over again even if they’re interrupted by a screensaver.

I love the idea of the feature, but there is beyond significant room for improvement. They need to start thinking of ways to fix a post-disaster computer wobbling along on its last ounce of breath.