Anything For You

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Fanfic Time: Anything For You

One shot Odo/Kira fluff, from the depths of my extensive archives.

I haven’t counted, but I’m willing to bet I’ve got at least one hundred fanfics in varying stages of completion. And those are the ones that made it as far as my compy… Yikes.

Fanfic below the cut:

Disclaimer: Paramount does what Paramount does best - marketing the living s–t out of their products; and I do what I do best - wearing out a keyboard for fun and no profit. I think my ‘best’ is more enjoyable than theirs ;)

ObInfo: This is a sequel to _Pique_,  in which some confusion arose due to the narrative. I, being too lazy to go back and actually fix it, am attempting to explain things here. BTW- thanks, Fliss, for the word 'Ale'al’ :)

                       Anything For You


  Odo lolled against her, one hand repedatively reaching for the container Kira held in her other arm, and missing by the same distance. 

  “We’re going to our quarters, dear one,” Kira murmured, juggling her twin burdens out of the turbolift and vaguely towards their rooms, “I'll let you have more then.”

  “’M sorry,” Odo whimpered.

  This gave Kira pause, “What *for*?” She freed fingers to open the door with, and did her level best to prevent them from toppling inside.

  “For…” a look of complete confusion wandered across his face, “for being an enemy.”

  She managed to get them to their couch, nicknamed the 'love seat' after numerous episodes where either 'consoled’ the other after a hard day. Kira had thought it was the best part of their relationship. “You're not *my* enemy, beloved.”

  Odo heaved a great sigh, “’M a Changelin’. Youknow wha'happen'a women who used t’ bed Cardies?”

  “But those were opressors; you never were.”

  He finally managed to fumble for a crystal, “’S better,” the Changeling sighed, “takes th’ pain away.”

  Kira embraced him, running her hand through his clothing, “What pain, beloved?”

  To her eternal surprise, he emitted a rough, tearing sound somewhere between a sob and a howl. “Beloved…” he managed, “after all of everythin’, you still call me belov’d.” Odo’s face distorted into a smile, “’S more'n I deserve.”

  “Ital, I’m part of you; just like you’re a part of me,” Kira soothed, "Don’t we deserve to be together?“

  He clung to her, now, like a limpet, ”…don’ leave… don’ leave…“

  "Our paths are one,” Kira held him close, kissing him frequently, "our lives are one.“

  "I been so 'fraid,” Odo confessed, “so afraid y’d fin’ a way t’ break a bowl, or jus’ go 'way. All it’d take is f'r me t’ say onewrongword an’-an’-an’ I’m empty…”

  Kira ran her hands through his softening being, “Ko, ko, ko, ko, ko, ko… there,” she whispered, “I don’t care what you say or do, Ale'al, I’ll share my life with *you*.”

  Odo found this funny, “Youknow, youknow I would’ve done *anything* to hear those words fr’m you. Turns out is all I goota do is make an ass'a m'self. You shur y’ wan’ me?”

  “Of course, beloved,” Kira kissed him once more, “for as long as I live, just as you are.”

  Odo dissolved up a sleeve of her uniform, “Beloved…”


  She woke up under his arches, cradled as always in his lovely, golden body. Kira grinned as she played with him, stirring tiny swirls into his being. He wriggled about her, tickling her in return.

  “You’re merciless,” Odo sighed.

  “Any after-effects from those things?”

  “I’m just a little more sensitive than usual.”

  “Ale'al,” Kira held his humanoid body against hers, “How long were you afraid I’d leave?”

  “Since we started going out,” admitted Odo.

  “Silly Constable,” Kira chided, “You *know* I won’t hurt you if I can help it.”

  “I know now.”

  They held each other a very long time, safe in the other’s arms.