So I've arranged a little something in my queue...

Basically, I had nothing to write, yesterday [27th Feb] and queued up all my attempts at Doctor Whooves care of Generalzoi’s pony maker flash-toy. Then I found out I did have something to say and had to rearrange things.

‘Cause who wants eleven days of ponies before you get to find out stuff?

…okay, so some folks might want to see it. Desperately. I can promise you it’s not that magical. Really.

So from now on, I’ll rearrange my queue when I actually have content so the ponies are bringing up the rear. If you see them, it means I’ve (a) stuffed up somewhere, (b) been really really busy and unable to blog or © decided to let them go 'cause I have twenty bajillion entries.

Chaos has grown to the stage where she can reach the key in the gate. Which means we have to find another legal way to keep the gate locked, yet allow access to people who need to read our meters.

She proved this, of course, by opening the gate and letting the dog out for an adventure.

Twenty harrowing minutes later, we got the hound back home by the simple expedient of ignoring him and opening the gate for him. Gah. Miss Chaos got a lecture and I had to put the gate key away, well away from the gate.

We’ll figure out another stopgap RSN.

In the meantime, I really want to finish the First Mum’s Kit for a new mum in the family, find some heel inserts to soothe my spur(s) [we only found one. Haven’t looked at the other foot, yet] and get all my shit together for Thailand.

So far, I have a power adaptor and a pair of ballet flats for travelling. I need to get a shitton more crap.

Ah, but I have plans. I’m going to prepare an itemised list of the things I’m packing and have it in my carry-on. And I may spend some time being inspected because I’m being too helpful. I just kind of expect that, these days.