It's raining, it's pouring...

Every time we try to fix the house or our land, it effing pours with rain.

When we tried to fix the patio, it rained almost nonstop for two months and Southeast Queensland got flooded.

Now we’re fixing up Mayhem’s room, it’s pouring nonstop. For two weeks, now.

At least the drainage ditch is working and we don’t have a small swamp happening in the back of our house.

OTOH, we have miniature lakes forming where the drains let out from our land to the gutter…

Still, I’d rather have the lakes than the swamp. Those readers fortunate enough to have good drainage have no idea how heartening it is to see a kilolitre or so rushing merrily through the area designated for it to flow. It means no swamp. No mildew creeping up newly-painted walls or infesting newly-laid floors.

Of course, with all the rain, the ditch at the back of the house is filling a little, but the key point is that it isn’t filling permanently. Or as near to permanently as it got last time,

We had algae growing on the grass, last time. Ick.

And the thing that’s stopping the small jungle that used to be our lawn from being mowed is that the mower has burned out one or more of the belts it’s needed for making it go. And three guesses when the shops are shut! That’s right! The weekend, when everyone actually has time to get the parts.

I swear to the Higher Powers, I would buy a scythe and do it myself, except there’s no real way to juggle a scythe and an umbrella.

Maybe I should invest in a raincoat. And one of those ludicrous brolly-hats to keep my glasses clear.

Alas, all thoughts of trimming the jungle have made it rain harder.


If anyone wants to take some of my rain, they can have it for free. Just loan me some of your sunshine and I’ll call it square.

By the time the sun comes out, I’ll need a machete. I love the “banana leaf” ones. Anyone know where to puchase them legally in Sunny (cough) Queensland?