Dear followers:

A while ago, I put out a plea to reblog the shit out of the soon-to-be-released Hevun’s Rebel.

You all did a wonderful job reblogging that one post.

What I need is all of you spreading the word about the other posts. The ones where it’s the cover, the date, and a small collection of words… they get ignored.

Those are the ones I need you to spread around.

And not just on Tumblr.

Spread the word around on every social network you can reach (pick places that would/might be interested, of course. TinklyFairyland fan-forums don’t want to know about a Sci-Fi book featuring slavery and sundry horrible things) tell your friends. Tell your relatives. Spread the word. Everywhere you can.

Hell, help me come up with advertising phraseology that catches folks’ interest.

The five followers who distribute the most word will receive a free copy of the second book.

Incentivised yet?