As the Drama Flies: episode 2

As you may be aware from the previous episode, I have been invited to Thailand for a few weeks, and also begun the process towards getting a passport.

This involves getting hold of a registrar’s office official copy of my birth certificate and my marriage licence. Which means getting hold of the department of births, deaths and marriages.

Sure, you can get lots of information online, but you can’t order a copy of your own ID papers.

I eventually figured out one has to turn up in person with every document you have, fill in a form, and pay a staggering fee to get a couple of official pieces of paper mailed to you.

Now, a little backstory. When I left to pick up the kids, the hound was on his long leash. When I came back, he was sitting on the verandah. He sat like an angel when I opened the gate to come in. After I freed him from the leash [still attached to the harness which was attached to him] I figured I could rely on him to sit like an angel every time the gate opens.

He sat like an angel when I went to the courthouse to get my paperwork filed.

He sat like an angel when I came back.

He took off like a rocket when I trusted him the third time that gate opened - when it was time to pick up the kids.

I tried to catch him, and lost sight of him. Therefore, I was obliged to go pick up the kids with visions of dire consequences dancing in my head, and worried tears dancing in my eyes.

Mayhem was understandably upset. I was crying. He was crying. Even Chaos, who’s normally scared of the hound, was crying.

We worked on some Missing posters, and discovered our printer was shit out of ink.

We just got to the point where we were expecting ominous phone calls when a familiar bell sounded and the hound gallumphed in for hugs and loves.

We fed him and hugged him and gave him skritches… and discovered he was bleeding from his nose.

New panic time! Yay. Not.

Dragged family and Hound off to the vet’s. Got hound checked out, also got hound immunisation boosters while we were there.

Hound is fine. None the worse for his adventure.

I feel like I want to melt into some comforting figure’s lap and cry the whole world away.