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10:25 AM

Finally back. Finished my day job duties.

Contemplating breakfast but feeling queasy.

I sort of wish O'Ranges was real so I could have a big, fluffy, barbecue-scented doggy-hug.

I’m going to be so bloody rat-faced by this arvo.

100% certainty of pizza for dinner.

3:44 AM

Yeah thanks cat, I really needed to clean up upchuck at almost four in the fucking morning.


The air con takes way too long to warm up in the morning :P

At least Beloved can get some firkin sleep. I’m totes jelly.

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3:35 AM

Well, fuck.

I’ve woken up best-beloved. The cat knew I was awake somehow and started meowing, looking for me 9_9

I still have this “someone is sneaking about” vibe. Even though I know that the cat racks off the instant a stranger appears.

Surrendering and going to my main compy

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3:35 PM

I now have a supply of Melatonin. Yay. If that fails, I’m signing on to a sleep study.

I am now 208 words away from reaching my word quota on The Amity Incident.

And I shall be purging my beta-readers list of everyone who didn’t bother getting back to me about any of the Hevun’s Child trilogy.

…it’s hard to plant Chekov’s Guns when you don’t know where the

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I woke up at 1:30 AM

It’s already going to be an interesting day.

I’m firkin tired.
My wrist hurts.
I’m still behind by 1500 words on my novel.
I have a doctor’s appointment at 1 PM to see about an in-home sleep study.

…but at least I’m not freezing my niblets off at my main compy.

In anticipation of this BS, I put my lappy in the bedroom and I am now writing in bed. Convenient

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