Slow-cooker Glop

This one’s for the busy people. Slow cookers are handy little gadgets that allow one to, say, set up a pot roast before you leave for work.

Everything I cook in my slow cooker always ends up as Glop

You will need these tools:

1 slow cooker
1 thing to make it go
1 thing to serve/stir
1 method of cooking rice

You will need these ingredients:

500g protein of your choice, preferably in bite-sized chunks
1-2 jars of simmer sauce
vegetables to taste


Place protien in slow cooker with simmer sauce and vegetables. Add enough water to cover and start the cooker
When you come back, prepare the rice
Once rice is cooked, add rice to slow cooker
Stir well
Serve glop

Theoretically, glop can be portioned and frozen, but mine never lasts that long…