OWS - I Love That You're Doing Stuff

I love reading the posts about Occupy re-taking houses that were illegally foreclosed upon. I love hearing that Occupy helped prevent an illegal foreclosure.

I love that, despite all the setbacks and prohibitions rising up against it, the People’s Library is still going strong.

I love that people are sharing ideas to get their communities pointed in one direction against a common foe.

But, as I always tell myself [and others] when cleaning up a big mess - there’s always more.

The 1% stopped you from feeding and sheltering the homeless, but you can still feed them. You can still work together with them to take over foreclosed homes and use them for shelter.

You can still band together and shout, “Show me the mortgage!” in the yards of homes that are about to be foreclosed upon.

You can (probably) walk amiably up to Mayor Bloomburg’s(?) house and then whip out the castanets and start making noise.

You can hang out in the public areas of City Hall.

You could possibly file a complaint against the city while you’re there.

You can occupy the lobbies of every last evil corporation in your area and stay there until you’re seen by the people in charge. And always - remember to be polite and civil when voicing your grievances. Remember to point out that being evil is just sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Be logical and coherent. And if you’re afraid you’re not either, hand them a copy of How and Economy Grows and Why it Crashes¬†with a sincere, “You really need to read this book. It’s important. Your life and livelihood depends on it.”

And if they agree with you - ask them what they’re doing to solve the problem. Ask them how they think it’s going to work. Share the results.

I love OWS. It’s doing something to solve the problem it sees. Even if it’s not enough, it’s better than the nothing that was being done previously.