Hey, so I’m Sophie, a 20 y/o trans woman from New Zealand and I’m looking for a place to stay, for a week or two at the maximum, in Brisbane, QLD, while I find myself a place of my own to live.

I’m a hospitality worker who came down to Sydney to check out the scene, but unfortunately the cost of living here is too damn high, so I’m gonna go back to Brisbane to live and party. Doubly unfortunately, my Brisbane friend’s landlord has forced them to take in this couchsurfer, because he’s paying the landlord, so there isn’t any place for me to crash.
I’m pretty much ready to move in somewhere straight away, I’ve got bond money & stuff ready, I just need to be able to physically check places out and speak to landlords to make sure I’m not getting screwed over on a place, so I’ll probably be long gone before you have the chance to get sick of me.
I’m down with pretty much any living situation or sleeping place, whether it’s the floor, a hammock, or an armchair and am fully respectful of sober spaces, safe spaces and vegan flats.
If you take me in, I’m more than willing to help out w/ cooking & cleaning and can put a little bit towards rent/food/utilities.

If you think you can help me out, please either send me an ask or email me at sophiee [dot] chilson [at] gmail [dot] com . Can skype or call/text as well, just hmu with an ask for details.
If you’re not in Brisbane or don’t have any space, please reblog this post to try and get the signal out to someone else