Just curious, but why does everyone from the Greater Deregulations sound like they're from Texas? Also, are there any GDs that didn't turn...

Greater Deregulation is my stand-in for the embodiment of corporate greed. I figured that the GOP types would have gone to create a corporate paradise on a new world, and that they tried this more than once.

A planet founded by profit-above-all, greed-is-good type people would devolve into asshattery in less than two generations. And continue with it for as long as they could get away with it.

Some got the formula wrong. Some had revolution and changed everything. Even the name of the planet.

As for the accent… Every time I think of a greed-is-good male, JR Ewing comes to the foreground. That, and the southern accent is really easy to codify.

Maybe I should stop that. Asshats come in all flavours.