Good news, everyone!

I have a job.

A paying job.

I am now, officially, a journalist [talk about doing things backwards. Most writers start out as journos] for a soon-to-be-released online ladies’ magazine.

I have, over the past week, been working on some articles for it, usually two or three a day.

Today (Thursday) I was told I should be writing “pink and fluffy” pieces.

I must have earned a year off purgatory for not exploding at my best-beloved on a “do you even know me” rant.

I have never concerned myself with pink and fluffy. I consider pink and fluffy to be a waste of ink - or in this case, electrons. When the celebrity!news comes on I tune out, turn off, or walk away. When someone has a “fabulous” makeover, it’s my humble opinion that they usually wind up looking worse than when they started.

I don’t do nail polish. I don’t wear makeup. I can’t even find a nice lipstick on the rare occasions that I go looking.

And as for clothes… I’m in specialty shops, every single time.

I’m just about at home with bath products, but that’s about IT as far as pink!fluffy is concerned.

I want to show my darling dearest that there are ladies out there - and especially mums - who would like a little less pink!fluffy and a little more addressing the real issues in this world.

So please reblog this with *your* mum/kid concerns. Whether or not you agree with me on the pink!fluffy side.