Good news, bad news

Good news: after faffing around for a fortnight, I finally know what the fuck is wrong with my foot.

Bad news: I have a spur. And it’s still going to hurt like fuck for two more weeks.

Worse news: If it’s still hurting after said two weeks, I need to see a podiatrist, which is going to co$$$$$t.

Good news: The clever people in the medical industry make shoe inserts for people with spurs.

Bad news: They’re not easily available in my size.

Story of my farging life.

Everything I want/need is one of the following: (a) not readily available and requiring a goose chase to frikking find, (b) not available in my size unless one orders it in at extra cost, © not in this country at all, or (d) bite-your-fist expensive.

Sometimes, fate goes for a combo.

It’s just fan-fucking-tastic being me. /sarcasm