Flip a coin

Weather in my neck of the woods has no middle gears. It’s either boiling or freezing. Soaking or bone-dry.

As I watch the flowing water encroaching on our house from the drainage ditch, I have to wonder why so many people are in denial about climate change.

Most of the denialists still call it “global warming” and I feel obligated to punch sense into the next person who denies global warming during a cold snap. But I digress.

When we have sunshine, we generally also have drought-style heat. The average person bakes, flakes or hides in the AC. [Aside to Americans and other non-strine speakers: flaking, or flaking out, is a synonym for having a nap or falling into a deep sleep] And in the heat, a siesta sounds very nice. Especially if you have a fan.

In the truly vicious heat, sleeping under the gentle hum of AC is an even wiser idea. So is having some variety of sports drink in the freezer, to combat the heat and the heat-prostration at the same time.

When it flips to wintery cold and flooding-type rains… that’s when you need to bust out the slankets and the kettle and have warm, dry clothes on hand.

Today [the 24th Jan] I plan on going to pick up the brats in my wellies. [That’s “galoshes” to the Americans] You know it’s stinking wet when you have to wear wellies on a school run.


I’ve had it with the weather.