Day 12 of mail-watching

…still no sign of Vice Quadrant…

Spoilers abound in many forms. Gifs. Art. Fic. Speculation. Confirmation and denial from the creators.

I can’t block the tags, so I have to retreat from Tumblr. Good thing I have a novel to write.

depression has me in its grasp. I am increasingly listless, because I know that I have another two days to wait until the mail returns.

The mail courier is a stealthy sort with no regular schedule besides “sometime in the morning”. I can’t hear their approach. I can’t watch for them and write.

I feel so tired now.

But I have to continue.

I wish I could track this parcel. I wish I knew where it was. I wish it were here, right now, in my hands.

Two more days to wait.

Two more days until there is the chance, again.