Birds are simply what we call the dinosaurs that still live today. Some birds have not forgotten this.


There was a way past the enclosure. He knew it. It was why he tested parts of it on a daily basis. The soft ones on the other side would gasp and coo and take photographs. The little ones would shriek and squeak when his foot came against the barrier.

Many had to be stopped from throwing food.

They couldn’t know. They didn’t know.

He was a monster.

Once, long ago, his kind roamed the entire earth. They were enormous beasts. Once… his kind would easily predate on their kind. Back when they were tiny and covered in fur.

And to prove it, he made a move against the fleshy projections coming through his fence. Too late. They saw him coming and moved away.

Stupid mammals.


“Careful,” Mum backed the kids off of the fence. “Cassowaries are very territorial and aggressive. He’s not going to be friendly”


“Of all the birds on this green Earth, the Cassowary is probably the closest creature we have to a living dinosaur.”

Maybe it was her imagination, but she swore the cassowary stood a little prouder at those words. As if to say, At last. Acknowledgement.

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