Okay, so you remember how I was trying to make more earrings for the fantastic Miss Isabella Bennett…

I’ve hit a snag.

Namely, that pierced studs no longer have a flat bit I can just clip the stem off and then that stud is mine to play with… nope. They have a fucking NIPPLE on the back now for no reason whatsoever.

It basically means that I can’t glue ex-studs to the clips, any more.

I have tried everything I could think of. I’ve tried clipping that metal ‘nipple’ off. I’ve tried sanding it down. I’ve tried gluing it anyway.

All failures.

My options are either (a) give up[Not a chance], (b) muck around with hot glue gun glue and mould something to fit[Ugly as fuck, no way], or © find some other magic to aid in the conversion.

I wonder if soldering irons can help? Do they produce sufficient heat to re-mould that fucking ‘nipple’?